Apr 19, 2022 • 55M

#12 VICTORIA HARRIS - Starting as a Portfolio Manager, Launching The Curve to Support Female Investors

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For #12 of MVP I talk to Victoria Harris, Co-Founder at The Curve and Portfolio Manager at Devon Funds Management. 


The Curve was an idea conceived by Victoria Harris after she started taking note of the number of friends approaching her for advice around finance and investing — an industry in which she has worked for over 10 years (she is currently a portfolio manager at Devon Funds Management).

Launched last year with the help of her business partner Sophie Hallwright, this platform — now comprising an Instagram and a website — has cultivated a fast following for the way it offers clear, concise information and advice around investing, skewed specifically to a female audience.

“The Curve came about to provide a platform for women to learn more about investing in a non-scary environment,” Harris explains. “I wanted to create a forum where people could ask questions without feeling judged and where there wasn’t any confusing industry speak or intimidating jargon.” 

So far, The Curve’s growth has been organic, driven by a groundswell of interest from women of all backgrounds and experience levels who want to up their financial literacy.


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