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#14 TIBO - A Framework For Growing To $100k MRR

#14 TIBO - A Framework For Growing To $100k MRR

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Tibo Maker is one-half of the creative force behind Pony Express Studio. The studio builds tools and services to help creators and makers launch and grow their audience or user base.

The studio launched multiple products in 2021, experimenting with different ideas and concepts until one resonated with the audience. That one was Tweet Hunter, a Twitter growth tool that includes an AI writing assistant and advanced tweet scheduler.

Both Tweet Hunter, and Pony Express, experienced a lot of success in 2021. In July, Pony Express received an acquisition offer for $100k. By October, Tibo shared that they had grown Tweet Hunter to $150k ARR.

Feel free to check out and support his most recent projects TweetHunter ( and Taplio (!


In this episode, we talk about: 

- Tibo's No-Code Process for Launching a Startup
- Using Twitter for Distribution
- Offering Equity to Early Influencers To Trigger Growth
- Bootstrap vs Raising Capital

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