May 16, 2022 • 57M

#15 MATT ALLEN - Revenue Based Financing, Building an Investment Syndicate

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Tractor Ventures Co-Founder and Startmate Mentor Matt Allen is on a mission to help founders hold onto as much of their equity as they want to, for as long as they like. 

He is achieving this mission by bringing revenue-based financing into the mainstream Down Under. 

In this episode we talk about:

- Mike Cannon-Brookes and his AGL endeavors

- Matt's start as a web developer and other career highlights

- Revenue-based financing and the Tractor Ventures business model

- How investment syndicates operate and Side Stage Ventures


Since '96 Matt has: 

- been a software developer, mostly on the web.

- ran a hosting company.

- co-founded and exited (with varying degrees of success) 5 tech startups. (River Dynamics, YourWeb, ProcessGo, Wattcost, DoneSafe).

- become a partner at Lookahead Search, opened and ran the Melbourne office.

- directed Founder Institute for two semesters in Melbourne.

- was the President then Treasurer of Ruby Australia.

- made 11 early stage investments (Pin Payments, Practice Ignition, Buildkite, Gyde, Hava, Teamsquare, Mentor Loop, Spaceship financial, CodeLingo, Making Things, Taggd).

- helped Blackbird Ventures with deal flow

- Invested in and mentored with StartMate since 2017 Sydney batch, Partner since MEL17

- joined the Amazon AWS Startup team in Melbourne, VC BD.

- formed Tractor Ventures, Australia’s first Revenue Based investment fund.


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