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#5 DILHAN WICKREMANAYAKE - A Masterclass in Starting and Operating a D2C Ecommerce Business

#5 DILHAN WICKREMANAYAKE - A Masterclass in Starting and Operating a D2C Ecommerce Business

Dilhan is the co-founder of Urban Plant Growers, Australia's fastest-growing smart garden business.

In this episode, we ran a "v1" masterclass in starting and operating a D2C Ecommerce Business. It starts at about the 14th minute! We covered:

1. Sourcing Product

2. Funding Manufacturing and Strategies to Manage Cashflow

3. Storage and Product Distribution (3PL vs. In-House)

4. Warehouse KPIs

5. Marketing, First Sale, Scaling Distribution

6. Software and Infrastructure

7. Distribution Partners

Hope you enjoy! 

About Urban Plant Growers

Urban Plant Growers is a Sydney-based online store that sells affordable and easy-to-use indoor smart gardens that enable people to grow herbs and fresh vegetables from the comfort of their homes. Founders, Dilhan Wickremanayake and Peter Cole, launched Urban Plant Growers on Shopify in June 2018 after these two engineering students bonded over their mutual passion for growing greens.

This future-forward duo is on a self-funded mission to educate and empower people one grow-kit at a time.

Part of their education drive is to reframe the perception around the use of the word *hydroponics, which is often associated with growing marijuana. Too many people overlook the fact that this type of horticulture can be used to grow much-needed vegetables in urban environments.

Dilhan and Peter want to start a more edible revolution of fresh green lettuce and veggies, grown without mess or fuss in every urban home.

However, their real innovation is how they’ve made hydroponics more affordable. They have managed to source cheaper components, making the price point 50% less than that of their competitors.