Mar 6, 2022 • 56M

#6 LEVI FAWCETT - From Rocket Engineer to Reimagining How The World Interacts with Vehicle Parts

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Luca Monk
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Levi studied mechanical engineering and his first job straight out of university was as Rocket Lab’s first hardware simulation engineer. He built the Electron Hardware Simulation team and then the Internal Infrastructure Team at Rocket Lab before leaving to start AllGoods. 

He was drawn to the deep engineering challenges of building a rocket engine, but rockets are not Levi’s first love – cars are. 

Partly recently raised $3.7m to reimagine how the world interacts with vehicle parts.

About Partly

Partly is a global SaaS-enabled marketplace for auto parts. The magic is its young, ambitious team solving a messy problem with juicy network effects in a large but unglamorous industry.

Partly was born out of two obvious yet unresolved problems – that there isn’t a purpose-built inventory management solution for auto parts businesses, and that most auto parts live offline. This means lots of lost time and money for businesses, and a convoluted shopping experience for buyers.

Partly will bring this traditionally offline industry online, giving a massive boost to sellers and making life easier for buyers.

Auto parts globally is a $1.9T market, split roughly 67% OEM and 33% after-market parts. Only $82B of that is spent online. Although 74% of auto parts buying journeys start online but only 11% are completed there. In the US alone, there are 350k auto parts businesses and the majority do not sell online. COVID-19 has accelerated e-commerce forward by 5 years and auto parts is one laggard industry that is rushing to catch up.