Mar 20, 2022 • 52M

#8 ALEKSANDR VOLODARSKY - Founding, Building During a War, Scaling a Marketplace

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Luca Monk
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Aleksandr is the Founder and CEO of - a marketplace of vetted Engineers.  

He openly reports all his financials as a record of his journey to $10m GMV. That includes:

  • The P&L numbers every month. 

  • Trials and errors in the business. 

  • Marketing experiments he tries

You can follow along with him here: 

We talk about: 

1. Leaving Ukraine due to War 

2. His pivot from Coding Ninja’s to 

3. Building the brand 

4. The journey to $10m GMV  

5. Building a marketplace and best growth channels 

6. Biggest mistakes people make when outsourcing development 

You can follow him on Twitter @volodarik